help :)



so as you all , i’m currently injured and being evaluated for a likely autoimmune disease, and it’s really taking a toll on my finances.

right now i need to get two prescriptions out of the pharmacy, both of which come to a total of about $110 (and one of which has been sitting there since early february). i already had to drop money on a small-room humidifier, which was a medically necessary purchase as my eyes and mouth are beginning to dry out (a hallmark of sjögren’s syndrome), and i currently only work about 32 hours a week now – it’s all i can handle, and i shouldn’t even be working THAT much. i’m also in the process of applying for SSI and reapplying for food stamps, but i’m in a pretty good pinch right now.

if anyone’s able to help:
paypal / google wallet: Colorthecover

if you’re unable to donate, please, at the very least, reblog this! it’d be much appreciated!

hey! so i finally met my goal and freed my scrips, so thanks to everyone that donated!!!!! however, any further donations that happen to come in are still appreciated, as i still have a buttload of medical tests to go through

(i may finally get an antibody explanation next week though!), and i also need a new pair of thumb stabilizers (which are necessary for me to be able to use my hands at work). i also need just a little bit of a cushion after i pay my $196 health insurance, especially since i have scaled my hours back to a max of 28 a week now.

again, no obligation to donate; simple reblogs are always welcome! thank you!