Rainbow hair in the ‘70s. Photo by Richard Avedon. Vogue….

Rainbow hair in the ‘70s. Photo by Richard Avedon. Vogue. July 1974.

The article that went along with this image was to illustrate the types of highlights that were newly available, so I am sure this is a wig that was dyed, but it is quite stunning!

Thank you @summericecreamsundae for the feedback! The request was for more ‘60s and ‘70s posts, as well as more content from the ‘20s. I will admit, that the 1920s is the decade with the least representation in my collection, so I will post what I have, and I am always on the prowl for more from that era to add. Also, I’ll be sure to keep the ‘60s and ‘70s content coming (that’s one of my favorite eras, too!). 

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