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Evansville Press, Indiana, March 10, 1909

The Caledonian-Record,

St Johnsbury, Vermont, May 8, 1922

When I was trying to compile a list of dates the court plaster beauty marks came back into fashion I stumbled across this patent from 1915:

The object of the present invention is to improve beauty marks of the character referred to so as to produce a novel effect and more likely attract observers, the novel feature being the application to the courtplaster of a sparkling stone which is somewhat smaller than the court-plaster so that the marginal portion of the latter-will form a border around the stone. The stone is applied to the court-plaster by any suitable adhesive, and the court-plaster is itself applied to the skin by moistening the adhesive of the court-plaster. To insure a firm cementing of the stone to the court-plaster the bottom of the stone is flat so as to have a large area of contact.

Rhinestones in your beauty marks!