manslaughter: so… this is really bad. my car b…


so… this is really bad.

my car broke down and had to be towed to a shop. all the repairs/replacements cost $300 total. even worse, my brakes are so deteriorated that if i don’t replace them very soon, my car will be out-of-order yet again.

i did not have the money to afford this sudden $300 bill, and i definitely don’t have $500 to replace my brakes.

it’s degrading to have to ask for money, but i really do need help. i make very little money, i already pay for all of my own needs (food, bills, etc), and i will lose my job if i do not have a working car. credit and/or loans are not an option.

if you’d like to help me out and get something in return, i have a novel you can contribute funds to here.

if you would rather just send me something through paypal, please ask me for my email.