Category: 1951

Corning Glass Works, 1951

Lauren Bacall, 1951. Photographed by Baron.

Woman with a nötskrika (”Eurasian jay“), 1951, Sweden.

Beautiful photos of Dorothy Dandridge photographed by Edward Clark for LIFE magazine in 1951.

Hopping Holiday, Kent, 1951. Photographed by Bert Hardy.

The story of Pat Stewart, the Blackpool belle in the polka dot dress, 1951.

Unknown woman, 1951, Sweden.

Silly sunglasses featuring long blue eyelashes & small lenses were dreamed up by designer Schiaparelli, February 1951. Photographed by Gordon Parks-LIFE.

Group of boys lounging in front of a building, Chicago, July 1951. Photographed by Mildred Mead.

Northam Warren Co, 1951