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Lady Helen Bridgett Orr Ewing and friend, 1922

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Chicago Tribune, Illinois, May 5, 1944

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The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois, October 2, 1940

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Josephine Baker and puppies, France, 1931



I launched BAD POSTCARDS on Tumblr over 8 years ago with postcards from my personal collection and it has been a pleasure to show them to the world. However, I haven’t submitted a post in several months because I have been busy on a project that relates to my soul work: animal healing.

I am a graduate of Small Animal Massage Therapy and Animal Acupressure schools and have been working for veterinarians for the past 14 years. I am also a Reiki Master in the Usui and Karuna traditions.

My sweet cat, Dillard, has been with me since massage school and has benefited from my bodywork for all these years. He will soon be celebrating his 15th birthday.

In April of 2017 he was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma. He began chemotherapy immediately and responded quickly and successfully to the treatment.

The project? A YouTube channel devoted to Dillard and the bodywork I do to support him in his senior years. I show viewers a cat who is happy and vibrant, in spite of his age and diagnosis, with videos of him at play and receiving bodywork from me. Some videos will offer advice and instruction. It’s called “DILLARD the CAT.”

Currently, I post one video per week. I launched the channel three months ago and have more ideas to explore. Any comments or suggestions of what you’d like to see are welcome. (Maybe a corresponding Tumblr?)

If animal well-being interests you, I encourage you to give it a look.

Thank you and enjoy!

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The Evening Sun, Baltimore, Maryland, October 24, 1934

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The Evening Sun, Baltimore, Maryland, July 26, 1948

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The Minneapolis Star, Minnesota, May 27, 1938

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Green Bay Press-Gazette, Wisconsin, September 11, 1933

Dog Wears Glasses

Journal and Courier, Lafayette, Indiana, February 14, 1942