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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York, October 2, 1913

Pet Horse Sits Down With Guests

The Evening Statesman, Walla Walla, Washington, August 24, 1906

Alys Elizabeth Carr

Alys Elizabeth Carr, 1911

Alys Elizabeth Carr

Alys Elizabeth Carr, 1909

Harry Whittier Frees

Harry Whittier Frees, 1906

What’s Delaying My Dinner?

Cats and Kittens, Werner’s Reading and Recitations #35, 1906

Maybe You Are Not up to Snuff

The Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama, August 18, 1912

National Biscuit Co, 1915

National Biscuit Co, 1915

Robber Robbed Robber..

The Topeka Daily Capital, Kansas, March 2, 1912

Sleeping School

The Wahpeton Times, North Dakota, October 7, 1904