Category: roaring 20s

Don’t Forget Dad!

The Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio, June 12, 1928

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Buffalo Courier, New York, January 1, 1923

Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy in Across the Pacific (1926)

Dog Owns Bone

The Democrat-Opinion, McPherson, Kansas, July 13, 1923

Puss Tangles Catdom Laws

Detroit Free Press, Michigan, May 31, 1928

Do You Want Me to Look like a Monk?

The New Yorker, May 1, 1926

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Philippa Wendell, Countess Galloway, sketched by Leo Klin, 1924

Bigger, Better Cuss Words

Des Moines Tribune, Iowa, December 22, 1928

Buying Food For His Feline Chum

The Evening Sun, Baltimore, Maryland, April 10, 1923

Lives While You Sleep

Daily News, New York, New York, June 18, 1922